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Executive Director
Grants Officer

Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Grants made by the Foundation are restricted to organizations which are recognized by Canada Revenue Agency as “charitable organizations” and which are able to provide a registration number. Grants are not made to individuals. The Directors receive submissions from a large number of organizations, and the available income permits them to assist only a portion of these. They endeavor to maintain a flexible policy, with particular emphasis on projects showing promise of general social benefit but which may initially lack broad public appeal.


The McLean Foundation will be changing its online application portal for 2024.

Please note that Letters of Inquiry (LOIs) must be submitted by December 1st, 2023,  to be considered for funding. After December 1st, 2023, the McLean Foundation will no longer accept LOIs as it moves to a new application portal. Please check back soon for information on how to apply for funding in our new system. We anticipate the new system will be ready to accept applications by mid-December 2023.

If you have already submitted a funding application/LOI in 2023, please do not apply again. The Foundation will only review one application/LOI per organization each year.