Arts - Music

Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences10684 2057 RR0001$3,000.00
Canadian International Organ Competition84109 6969 RR0001$5,000.00
Canadian Music Centre11883 4563 RR0001$4,000.00
Canadian Opera Company11883 4829 RR0001$25,000.00
Continuum Contemporary Music Ensemble11887 5228 RR0001$2,500.00
National Youth Orchestra Association of Canada10776 4557 RR0001$3,000.00
New Music Concerts11905 6448 RR0001$3,000.00
Tafelmusik11920 8320 RR0001$10,000.00
Talisker Players Chamber Music86509 6093 RR0001$2,500.00
The Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall11922 8633 RR0001$125,000.00
The Toronto Children's Chorus11925 9406 RR0001$2,000.00
The Toronto Mendelssohn Choir11925 9604 RR0001$5,000.00
The Toronto Symphony10525 5335 RR0001$35,000.00
The Women's Musical Club of Toronto12371 8637 RR0001$1,000.00
Vancouver Chamber Choir11928 1392 RR0001$2,500.00
Vancouver Society for Early Music10816 7776 RR0001$2,500.00
Victoria Philharmonic Choir Society81763 5949 RR0001$2,500.00
 Sub - Total:$233,500.00

Arts - Theatre

Acting Up Stage Theatre Company Inc.86204 4146 RR0001$10,000.00
Carousel Theatre Society11883 9497 RR0001$5,000.00
City Opera of Vancouver Society84880 7186 RR0001$3,000.00
Diaspora Dialogues Charitable Society83448 4271 RR0001$5,000.00
Fall For Dance North Festival Inc.84270 1179 RR0001$3,000.00
Realwheels Society86848 9303 RR0001$2,000.00
Regent Park Film Festival Inc.84591 4613 RR0001$5,000.00
Shakespeare in the Ruff82928 2508 RR0001$5,000.00
Shaw Festival Theatre Foundation, Canada11914 7882 RR0001$10,000.00
Soulpepper Theatre Company86969 8449 RR0001$5,000.00
Tarragon Theatre11920 8700 RR0001$5,000.00
The Company Theatre for Cultural Exchange and Education86030 8949 RR0001$7,000.00
The Factory Theatre Lab12353 3812 RR0001$3,000.00
The Harmony Collaboration80110 8184 RR0001$2,000.00
The Nanaimo Festival Heritage Theatre Society11926 1139 RR0001$1,000.00
The National Ballet of Canada11905 1449 RR0001$35,000.00
The Pleiades Theatre11925 1437 RR0001$7,500.00
The Story Theatre Productions Society89892 8296 RR0001$4,000.00
The Stratford Shakespearean Festival of Canada11920 0103 RR0002$12,000.00
Theatre Replacement Society87734 5702 RR0001$2,000.00
Toronto Festival of Arts, Culture and Creativity81163 7347 RR0001$10,000.00
Video Cabaret International13011 3673 RR0001$5,000.00
Western Gold Theatre Society89128 5934 RR0001$4,000.00
Young People's Theatre11930 7254 RR0001$2,500.00
 Sub - Total:$153,000.00

Arts - Visual

Bill Reid Foundation86785 8755 RR0001$1,500.00
Canadian Canoe Museum13378 1039 RR0001$200,000.00
Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography11924 7310 RR0001$2,000.00
Master and Fellows of Massey College11903 4643 RR0001$15,000.00
Nelson and District Museum,Archives, Art Gallery and Historical Society10757 7017 RR0001$2,000.00
The Board of Education of School District No. 50 (Haida Gwaii/Queen)10796 1575 RR0001$10,000.00
 Sub - Total:$230,500.00


Algonquin to Adirondacks Collaborative86307 1668 RR0001$15,000.00
Atlantic Salmon Federation (Canada)11879 6150 RR0001$15,000.00
Bay Area Restoration Council of Hamilton and Halton Inc.89293 6584 RR0001$4,000.00
Bird Ecology and Conservation Ontario83785 7572 RR0001$10,000.00
Bird Studies Canada 11902 4313 RR0001$25,000.00
Canadian Environmental Grantmakers' Network 89509 8515 RR0001$1,000.00
Canadian Museum of NatureCrown corp$15,000.00
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society10686 5272 RR0001$7,000.00
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society10686 5272 RR0001$20,000.00
Ecojustice Canada Society13474 8474 RR0001$15,000.00
Evergreen13181 5763 RR0001$10,000.00
Federation of British Columbia Naturalists11891 3912 RR0001$5,000.00
Fraser Basin Council Society88628 9438 RR0001 $3,000.00
Glengarry Fencibles Trust81549 4265 RR0001 $7,500.00
IISD Experimental Lakes Area Inc.85030 9576 RR0001 $20,000.00
Kawartha Land Trust87908 6718 RR0001$75,000.00
Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre85752 4409 RR0001 $25,000.00
Lake Widermere Ambassadors Society80130 1714 RR0001$20,000.00
Mayne Island Conservancy Society87131 7202 RR0001$25,000.00
Nature Canada11883 4704 RR0001$10,000.00
Nature Canada11883 4704 RR0001$20,000.00
Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust87320 8920 RR0001$20,000.00
Oceans Research and Conservation Authority (ORCA)80878 1330 RR0001$25,000.00
On the Ground Society for Documentary Photography81284 2474 RR0001$25,000.00
Ontario Farmland Trust86733 4104 RR0001$10,000.00
Ottawa Riverkeeper Inc.86269 7059 RR0001$12,000.00
Pelee Island Bird Observatory82615 7943 RR0001$5,000.00
Qqs (Eyes) Projects Society 86516 4438 RR0001$2,500.00
Raincoast Conservation Foundation88964 3565 RR0001$15,000.00
Salal Foundation89847 0513 RR0001$10,000.00
Salal Foundation89847 0513 RR0001$20,000.00
Scugog Lake Stewards Inc.89254 7100 RR0001$3,000.00
Sierra Club of British Columbia Foundation11914 9797 RR0001$7,500.00
Thames Talbot Land Trust86745 7475 RR0001$20,000.00
The British Columbia Conservation Foundation123042 2822 RR0001$5,000.00
The David Suzuki Foundation127756716 RR0001$30,000.00
The Manitoba Naturalists Society11903 0542 RR0001$7,500.00
The Owl Foundation12431 5094 RR0001$1,000.00
The Pembina Foundation for Environmental Research and Education87578 7913 RR0001$15,000.00
Thunder Bay Field Naturalists Club11926 4216 RR0001$15,000.00
Tides Canada Foundation86894 7797 RR0001$20,000.00
Trans Canada Trail Foundation13749 6741 RR 0001$5,000.00
WCS Wildlife Conservation Society Canada85425 5882 RR0001$25,000.00
Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative Foundation86430 1841 RR0001$7,500.00
 Sub - Total:$653,500.00


Beautiful World Canada Foundation85735 9012 RR0001$2,000.00
Canadian Mathematical Society11883 3979 RR0001$1,000.00
CIC Chemical Education Fund 86356 2179 RR0001$1,500.00
Lakefield College School Foundation88878 7066 RR0001$10,000.00
Merit Award Bursary Program Incorporated81453 7882 RR0001$2,500.00
Regent Park School of Music87211 6025 RR0001$5,000.00
Scientists in School86713 9537 RR0001$10,000.00
The National Ballet School10808 9673 RR0001$10,000.00
The University of Winnipeg Foundation Inc.86517 1045 RR0001$20,000.00
University of British Columbia10816 1779 RR0001$10,000.00
Visions of Science Network for Learning 86104 3370 RR0001$3,000.00
 Sub - Total:$75,000.00


Alex's Safe Harbour Society81092 2690 RR0001$5,000.00
Algoma Conservatory of Music10669 9382 RR0001$7,000.00
Camp Oochigeas13111 6022 RR 0001$10,500.00
CODE11883 4878 RR0001$4,000.00
Design Exchange11923 6214 RR0001$10,000.00
Farm Radio International11888 4808 RR0001$15,000.00
Fatal Light Awareness Program Inc.14074 6736 RR0001$2,000.00
Friends of Killarney Park13312 6003 RR0001 $4,000.00
Heritage Toronto11926 6609 RR0001$10,000.00
Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation88932 6278 RR0001 $5,000.00
Royal Canadian Institute13163 5286 RR0001$15,000.00
Succession85474 5940 RR0001$3,000.00
The Banting Research Foundation10807 2927 RR0001$25,000.00
The Canadian Institute for Advanced Research11921 9251 RR0001$15,000.00
The Children's Book Bank and Literacy Foundation84453 2952 RR0001$5,000.00
The Ontario Educational Communications Authority85985 0232 RR0001$10,000.00
The Vancouver International Writers Festival Society12260 5678 RR0001$1,000.00
Toronto Botanical Garden13056 0188 RR0001$20,000.00
Trent University11926 8928 RR0001$5,000.00
University of Toronto11903 4643 RR0001$15,000.00
Water First Education and Training Inc.83852 5269 RR0001$25,000.00
 Sub - Total:$211,500.00


Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Society of Canada10670 8977 RR0002$3,000.00
Surrey Hospital & Outpatient Centre Foundation89126 8740 RR0001$5,000.00
The Dorothy Ley Hospice13019 3394 RR0001$5,000.00
Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation12386 4068 RR0001$25,000.00
 Sub - Total:$38,000.00


Africa Inland Mission International (Canada)12953 9953 RR0001$3,500.00
ArtHeart Community Art Centre85611 4640 RR0001$2,000.00
AWHL--Assaulted Women's Helpline12762 4443 RR0001$1,500.00
Boundless Adventures Association12422 5855 RR0001$5,000.00
Canadian Foundation for the Prevention of Family Violence89596 5374 RR0001$3,600.00
Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan Inc.88771 8203 RR0001$5,000.00
Children of the Street Society88394 7442 RR0001$2,500.00
Covenant House Toronto10699 0195 RR0001$3,000.00
Covenant House Vancouver89767 5625 RR0001$4,000.00
Creative and Natural Outdoor Experience Inc.88924 9488 RR0001$2,500.00
Daily Bread Food Bank Foundation of Toronto 11888 1549 RR0001$3,500.00
Distress Centres of Toronto10702 1016 RR0001$2,500.00
Downtown Care-Ring 10703 4290 RR0001$1,000.00
Evangel Hall 11890 3129 RR0001$3,000.00
Eva's Initiatives for Homeless Youth13223 9013 RR0001$5,000.00
Fife House Foundation Inc. 13040 1573 RR0001$1,500.00
First United Church 11891 9406 RR0001$3,000.00
FoodShare Toronto 10739 2359 RR0001$3,000.00
Fred Victor Centre (The United Church of Canada)11893 1377 RR0001$5,000.00
Fred Victor Centre (The United Church of Canada)11893 1377 RR0001$4,000.00
Friends of Living and Learning Through Loss 89054 1196 RR0001$3,000.00
Generis International for Sustainable Development83684 9323 RR0001$3,000.00
Girls E-Mentorship Innovation 83793 4131 RR0001$5,000.00
Good Foot Support Services 82569 2668 RR0001$8,000.00
Good Shepherd Centre89250 8169 RR0001$2,000.00
Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society 10744 9789 RR0001$3,500.00
Green Thumbs Growing Kids 80696 2353 RR0001$2,000.00
Halifax Humanities Society 86479 0878 RR0001$3,000.00
Hope Haven Therapeutic Riding and Family Camp Inc.81308 0652 RR0001$2,000.00
Housing for Youth in the City of York13031 4206 RR0001$1,000.00
Inner City Outreach89254 7902 RR0001$2,500.00
Interval House11897 1159 RR0001$5,000.00
Jessies, The June Callwood Centre for Women and Families11897 3734 RR0001$1,000.00
Kennedy House Youth Services Inc.10280 7245 RR0001$2,000.00
Leave Out Violence (LOVE) Society Ontario84792 1301 RR0001$7,000.00
Liberty for Youth88854 1505 RR0001$3,000.00
Luke's Place Support & Resource Centre for Women & Children88761 1218 RR0001$10,000.00
Majengo Canada83144 4310 RR0001$10,000.00
Mustard Seed Street Church10775 6819 RR0001$1,000.00
Nanny Angel Network Inc.82486 3690 RR0001$2,500.00
Native Men's Residence 11905 0516 RR0001$3,000.00
New Circles Community Services 83634 3673 RR0001$5,000.00
North Fraser Therapeutic Riding Association 88670 0400 RR0001$3,000.00
Our Place Society 82709 8344 RR0001$3,000.00
Pacifica Treatment Centre Society 10808 2496 RR0001$5,000.00
Pathways to Education Canada 86190 8499 RR0001$10,000.00
Rainbow Songs Foundation 83747 9153 RR0001$2,500.00
Redwood Shelter for Abused Women 89172 8867 RR0001$3,500.00
Scarborough Women's Centre 10795 9660 RR0001$2,500.00
SeaChange Marine Conservation Society 88874 1220 RR0001$5,000.00
Second Harvest Food Support Committee 13386 5477 RR0001$6,000.00
ShareLife 13063 2474 RR0001$8,000.00
Sistering-A Woman's Place 10798 3009 RR0001$3,500.00
South Riverdale Child-Parent Centre 11915 8376 RR0001$3,000.00
St. Alban's Boys' and Girls' Club 11916 1834 RR0001$2,500.00
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 10800 5042 RR0001$2,500.00
St. James Town Family Literacy Services 85629 8005 RR0001$3,000.00
Street Haven at the Crossroads 12953 5175 RR0001$2,000.00
Street Health Community Nursing Foundation 11920 0541 RR0001$4,000.00
Talitha Koum Society 89054 8910 RR0001$5,000.00
The Canadian Red Cross Society 11921 9814 RR0001$30,000.00
The Canadian Red Cross Society 11921 9814 RR0001$20,000.00
The Canadian Red Cross Society 11921 9814 RR0001$15,000.00
The Comox Valley Therapeutic Riding Society11922 8070 RR0001$2,500.00
The Elizabeth Fry Society of Peterborough12986 3379 RR0001$5,000.00
The George Hull Centre for Children and Families10808 2918 RR0001$6,000.00
The Laren Society: Journey from Inside Out11900 7045 RR0001$20,000.00
The Massey Centre for Women 11928 3687 RR0001$2,500.00
The Salvation Army10795 1618 RR0001$3,500.00
The Scott Mission10796 3613 RR0001$3,500.00
The Shelter Movers of Toronto77637 2492 RR0001$2,500.00
The Youthdale Treatment Centres Foundation86886 7573 RR0001$10,000.00
United Way of Greater Toronto11927 8216 RR0001$75,000.00
United Way of The Lower Mainland10816 0185 RR0001$25,000.00
University of Victoria10816 2470 RR0001$5,000.00
WaterCan/EauVive Corporation11928 8934 RR0001$5,000.00
Women's Hostels Incorporated11930 2727 RR0001$3,000.00
Yonge Street Mission11930 6181 RR0001$2,000.00
Yonge Street Mission11930 6181 RR0001$2,000.00
YWCA of Greater Toronto10822 9865 RR0001$2,000.00
YWCA of Vancouver10822 7943 RR0001$10,000.00
 Sub - Total:$472,100.00