If you have already submitted a letter of inquiry and The McLean Foundation has invited you to submit a full proposal, please follow the guidelines below.

The Foundation does not utilize application forms and does not require any standardized format. Applications should take the form of a brief descriptive letter with such supporting documents as may be appropriate. All applications submitted require the following information:

1. Applicant

Provide a brief description of the organization, its purpose, date of establishment, board and staff, budget, programme, and past accomplishments. Is the applicant better qualified to achieve the desired results than other organizations or government agencies? Does the project avoid duplication of similar efforts already being conducted by other organizations?

2. Project Goal

Briefly outline the proposal and what it seeks to achieve. The Foundation recognizes the importance of local involvement in community activities.  In view of the number of applications which it receives, the Foundation encourages ventures of an exclusively local interest to rely on community support.

3. Funding

Provide a budget for the proposal. In addition, list individuals or organizations whose support has been requested, or may be requested. Indicate those who have agreed to assist and those who have declined.

4. Duration

State the expected duration of the project and indicate whether continued financial support will be requested from the Foundation or other organizations for a number of years.

5. References

List the names of informed persons independent of the organization and its leadership, who may be consulted on this project.

6. Previous Contact

Indicate any previous contacts with The McLean Foundation.

7. Finances

Provide the organization’s most recent financial statement.

Applications should be addressed to:

The Secretary
The McLean Foundation
2 St. Clair Ave. W. Suite 1008
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M4V 1L5
Tel: (416) 964-6802
Fax: (416) 964-2804
Email: info@mcleanfoundation.ca